Carpenter Issues Matter. So Does Your Vote.


When making our endorsement for president, we considered these issues that impact union carpenter jobs and wages:

Keeping us safe. Jobsite safety is ALWAYS issue #1. Joe Biden will take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and keep us and our families safe. The people we elect need to take COVID-19 safety as seriously as we do.

Opposing "Right-to-Work." Politicians who support "Right-to-Work" have tried to drive down our wages, standards, and benefits. Joe Biden opposes a national "Right-to-Work" law that would limit our ability to negotiate for good wages and benefits, harm the middle class, and drive inequality to new heights.

Protecting union apprenticeships. Some politicians want to water down training standards to allow more non-union "apprenticeships." It's a gift to non-union contractors and would undercut safety and high-quality union training. Biden will defend our programs from non-union attempts to weaken apprenticeships and lower our standards.

Defending prevailing wages. When our tax dollars are used to build our roads, bridges, schools, affordable housing, public buildings, sports stadiums, or any other projects, workers should get paid the local wage rate. Joe Biden is a strong supporter of the Davis-Bacon Act that stops non-union contractors from lowballing bids by paying workers less.


Additional UBC Endorsements

The decisions elected officials make every day on the local, state, and federal levels affect our jobs, benefits, and families. From opposing "Right-to-Work" to defending prevailing wages, it's important that we elect leaders who stand with us on carpenter issues.

The UBC is proud to support candidates in either party who support good union jobs.

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